At least once a day, Lynndi Lauper and Doctor nln ask each other this question. But it's really code for 'share your workout plan'. And if there is no workout plan, the convo gets even more supercharged as it turns to special topics like injuries, therapies, out of town guests, extensive travel requirements of the gig, or exhaustion. And the other most FAQ is "What are you eating for dinner?" Doctor nln and Lynndi have so much combined knowledge that blogging it was inevitable.

Witness as we beat ourselves up with hideous workout plans and then gorge on lemon heads and sugar free ice cream.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

In case you were curious....:)

Although the rules have changed. All players take off at one whistle and every penalty is a Major which means a trip to the box!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Catch Up

Since the time change, I've settled in to fewer outdoor runs because even with my great reflective gear, it's hard to believe I'll be totally safe in these lonely places after dark. Maybe I'll start running along the highway eventually, getting back to exciting discoveries such as this abandoned vehicle,
but for now, absent evening runs and a gym membership, I've been making do with rotating the three garage routines I really like (med ball, resistance tubes, boxing, each of which integrates cardio intervals) and daytime jogs whenever I can grab one. Not much yoga lately either, which is too bad because I think it's a great workout. It just doesn't allow listening to science podcasts.

Variety tonight though! I tried a workout delivered by the doctor after her Sunday gym group met. It was the Twelve Days of Christmas plus the Six Closeout Sales plus 12 reps of various upper body strength exercises. I enjoyed it but had to modify a little bit. I haven't done many inchworms or bear crawls out in the garage, so I kept those to one lap each during the Six Closeout Sales part of the program. And I started with manageable weights so that 12 reps wasn't exhausting and I had to add reps rather than switch up the weights (cause that's too scary!) Finally I needed a full ab routine because this followed TWO DAYS OFF.  The audio portion was nice but a repeat of research I'd heard about before regarding differences in numbers of specific dopamine receptors in the brains of creative (healthy) persons and individuals with schizophrenia as compared to everybody else. It's always good to hear another podjock's perspective on bits like this. Dope seems to work its way into every conversation these days!

And the doc and I have been "enjoying" this article. It's not news to us, but we wish it wasn't gaining credibility. I wanna wake up to a compelling reversal of the low carb argument. I want those cookies and baguette. But things don't appear to be heading in that direction... Oh, wheat. We hardly knew ye.
We have decided that we know too much about all this health junk and that we will one day write a book. Since we still disagree, and many of my favorite ideas are still in the 'crackpot' division, the project might be slow to fruition.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch Up

Tonight I did that garage routine centered around punches (with weighted gloves) and kicks. It was fun, and I added a few more ab exercises to it since I'm off the restrictions now.

Yesterday (Sunday) I enjoyed a simple 4.5 mile run and then sat in the woods after dark listening to music. I'm pretty sure I took Saturday off because we had a faraway gig. On Friday, I did the garage routine that mostly uses resistance tubes and the step.

On that beautiful Thanksgiving Day, I went for a run. The weather was so perfect! The only hitch is that as I stepped out the door, they told me the turkey was almost ready and we'd be eating in 30 or 45 minutes. UGH. But I made it in time for dinner (and even a pre-dinner shower!)

I'm sure I didn't work out on Wednesday either, but somewhere early last week I did this routine, which was pretty fun!

Two minutes each of these exercises (medicine ball is involved in about half):
bounding, figure 8 scoop, mountain climbers, split pushup knee tuck, karaoke, balancing burps, high knees/butt kicks, front lunge pass under, triceps press matrix, jumping jacks, superman ball pass, spider jumps, v-sit with side to side, v-sit with ball between feet, scissor jacks, big circles, woodchoppers, standing Russian twists, squat to press, bounding, sit up with ball, Rocky solo, toe touches, squat jumps, suitcase crunch, lunge walk with oblique twist, diagonal crunch, calf raises.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Workouts are for Holidays too!

I am HAPPY to report that I worked out HARD on Thanksgiving. Infinate CU had a FREE turkey day workout which was a P90X workout. Totally kicked my butt but have been so pumped that I can still keep up (still a few modified moves due to the foot). Foot is getting better everyday and made a new friend in the workout world, Mr. Keback Song. Pretty awesome dude. I am in the front row with red hair, all black tank and shorts next to Keback.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where Have I Been for Two Weeks?

Adjusting to the time change has meant moving the primary activities into my lovely garage, running any day that I can get home before dark, doing yoga when I've exhausted all the other possibilities, and integrating the PT exercises into regular programs. Behold the exotic locales!

I have two current favorite garage programs that I modify a little bit each time I do them. One is with resistance tubes, and the other brings back some boxing moves and athletic drills. I don't have boxing gloves and a bag, so I'm using weighted gloves, which makes mountain climbers and spider jumps a little more comfortable on the concrete floor.

Tonight I did the boxing stuff like this, two minutes for each thing, one time through, after a bunch of PT stuff:
mountain climbers
hooks, 1 minute each side
grande plie side bends
hooks, alternating
knee to elbow, one minute each side
lunge walk with oblique twist
alternating jabs
inner thigh (left), outer thigh (right)
high knees/butt kicks
spider jumps
alternating crosses
inner thigh (right), outer thigh (left)
jumping jacks
roundhouse kicks, alternating
(at this point I took a break and put the garbage cans on the curb)
upper cuts, alternating
that thing where you point one foot out and slap the floor, then the other side (you know)
front, side, and back kicks
calves (only for 1.5 minutes)
shoulder raises with light weights in three positions
side ab bends
plies with light weights opening and closing at midline and overhead
hip hop pushups

Dr. nln and Her Friend Hott Wendy Go for a Run

Yes, they are still in Australia, but they completed the marathon a few days ago. She can't blog about it yet because she's on vacation or maybe still sitting in a tub of ice, but I know they both finished it and made a few remarks about a hill. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still got it!

Today I worked out at Skateland! I can still do all my derby skills and I even raced a few of my leaguemates and a very in shape speed skater. I beat my leagumates and was neck and neck with the speed skater. Had I been at 100% we would not have been neck and neck at all. That feels good, in fact that feels great!!!!I'm still fast! Now it's the regimen of getting back into shape and getting that endurance back. I must do burns...burns burns burns to get those quads in shape!Providing I'm not in too much pain tomorrow I will hit low impact turbo jam (jumping is still kinda painful). I may hit an open skate Tuesday night, more turbo jam, an then Sunday morning I will be going to speed practice. When I have a little less pain in my foot I'm going to start on the Insanity workouts. I WILL be ready for the next derby season!:)